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ESCAPE Penang Unveils New Star Attraction: The Longest Zip Coaster In The World!

Escape Theme Park, Penang

ESCAPE Penang is a popular theme park, better known for the longest water ride in the world. However, they have upped their game and recently unveiled the longest coaster in the world!

This theme park sounds more interesting. Here is a detailed account of this theme park and its award-winning longest zip line. 

All About ESCAPE Theme Park

Opened in December 2012, ESCAPE Theme Park in Penang is a massive hub for adventure sports for kids and adults. There are 30 activities to keep the visitors engaged and entertained. The fun rides here include water rides, rock climbing, rope courses, and the latest ziplining, among other things. 

The land used to be a construction wasteland which was later turned into a water theme park with adventure activities. This 44-acre land is home to the longest tube water slide in the world at a length of 1111 m. 

ESCAPE Penang has a rare distinction of having not just one but two entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Although the older one has already made this theme park the most popular attraction in the state, the second one could make it the country’s leading tourist attraction. 

The New Attraction at the ESCAPE Theme Park

A zipliner with a length of 1135 metres is the new star attraction here in this park. The idea of this activity was conceived in early 2020. After several hardships and challenges, the zip coaster is open from May 12, 2022. This longest coaster through the zip line goes through the jungle. It meanders through some tricky patches to give a perfectly thrilling experience for the rider.  

With many activities that are suitable for people of all ages, ESCAPE Theme Park will be the perfect palace to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or the digital world entirely for a whole day. 

What are the facilities here?

The park has two regions, an adventure section and the water theme section for the dry and wet rides. So you can conveniently choose your preference. Some popular activities here are Banana Flip, Kite Flyer, Monkey Business, Tubby Racer, etc.

The complex includes an event room and party room as well. A family trail is also available for the whole family to enjoy. Toilet facilities, shower room, food court etc., are also provided inside the premises. You need to bring in a pair of clothes to change and have the appropriate gear to wear for the respective rides. 

How to Reach ESCAPE Penang?

ESCAPE Theme Park is located in Teluk Bahang, near George Town. It is just a few minutes away from the town centre. You can either drive in or take public transportation. The Rapid Penang bus routes 1-2 and 103 will get you close to the park. These buses are available from Batu Ferringhi or George Town.

The park is one hour away from the airport. You can get a one-way ride directly from the airport if you want. There is also a direct route from Kuala Lumpur to the park. This journey will be 4-5 hours. 

What is the best time to visit ESCAPE Penang?

ESCAPE Theme Park is open on all days except Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Holidays and weekends usually see a huge crowd and due to this, there is likely to be a long queue for the rides. So if you want to avoid the crowd, choose a weekday between Tuesday and Thursday. 

As for the best season to visit, November to April will be the ideal time. It will be more comfortable to stay in the early hours. 


ESCAPE Theme Park is the perfect way to escape your busy life for a while. So far, the park is the best option for a day trip. There are no age restrictions for entry, but some rides may have minimum height and weight limits. They are planning to add 200 rooms for accommodation and turn it into a resort. So, you can stay here for the day and enjoy both the longest zip coaster and the water slide. 

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