An Ultimate Guide to Penang Sentral

View from Penang Sentral

Opened in November 2018, the Penang Sentral is a one-stop hub for all the transportation in Butterworth, Penang. It integrates rail, ferry, and bus transportation into one central station, which makes commuting a lot easier for travelers and locals alike. The facility also features shopping areas and food courts, turning it into an experience in and off of itself.

The Penang Sentral bus terminal now takes over from the Butterworth Bus Terminal as the central bus station in Penang as all the Rapid, and the Express buses go through the station. This 9-story station is still under construction and is expected to be completed by 2030, although the services for the buses, ferry, and KTM trains have commenced. 

Getting to Penang Sentral

Since Penang Sentral connects to both the Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal and Butterworth Rail Station, you can get here to catch your train or the ferry. From Penang, you can get a cab to reach the station and get off at the entrance on level 3. You can also get here from other places via the KTM, ferry, or rapid buses as they stop at Penang Sentral. 

Here are the most popular routes Penang Sentral:

TBS to Penang Sentral

Kuala Lumpur to Penang Sentral

Hentian Duta to Penang Sentral

Johor Bahru to Penang Sentral

What to expect

The station is divided into nine levels consisting of entry and exit points, food courts, shopping areas, and parking areas. L1 is the Penang Sentral bus terminal where the buses arrive and leave. L2 is where all the ticketing counters are along with the connecting links to the ferry and KTM train station.

L3 is where the main entrance is and the drop-off area where you get off from your cab. L4 and L5 are closed at the time of writing, and L6 to L9 is where the car parking is. The layout of the station is quite intuitive, and commuters can easily find their way around with direction sign boards set up at all strategic points. Several LCD screens give info on bus and ferry timings. 

Level 1

The Penang Sentral bus terminal is on level 1 on the ground floor. It is divided into two sections; the west and the east side. 

The east side is where the intercity/ express buses enter and leave the station. This is where you need to head to if you are taking a bus out of the city. 

The west side is meant for the stage buses where all the Rapid Penang buses pass through. These buses travel within the city, and this is where you will get off if you are taking one to the Penang Sentral. 

Note that the drop and pick up bays are on the opposite sides of each other. The waiting area is spacious with air-conditioning, and there are plenty of seats for waiting passengers. Both the bays have escalators to level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 at Penang Sentral is where all the essential things are. The bus ticketing counter is on the east end where you can book your bus tickets. The counters offer tickets from all operators, and there are no operator-specific counters. If you wish to avoid the queue, you get your ticket from the self-ticket machines. LCD screens placed in seating locations continuously show you the arrival and departure times of buses and the platform so travelers will stay up to date with their bus schedule.

Departure Platform: Once you get your boarding pass, you can take the escalator to the departure platform on level 1. The departure gates are numbered, making it easy to find your exit. When in doubt, you can ask one of the guarding staff on the site.

Arrival Platform: Platform for the express buses is located adjacent to the public bus platform so you can catch a Rapid bus as soon as you get down at the station.

Rapid Ferry Linkway 

The south exit from level 2 is the Sultan Abdul Halim Rapid Ferry Terminal, and the linkway leads to the ferry dock.

Butterworth Train Station: The Butterworth Train Station is located just next to Penang Sentral. Right now, there is a temporary linkway to the KTM station from level 2. 

Taxi Terminal: You can hire taxis from level 2 close to the ferry entrance. Purchase the coupons from taxi ticket counters here.

Level 3

Level 3 is where the main entrance is located, and you will have to take the flyover to get here. The food court Makan Street here is a great place to grab some food and check out the view from the open deck overlooking the ferry dock.

Penang Sentral is the one-stop destination for all travelers in Butterworth where they can take a bus, ferry, or train ride all over the city. While bus tickets can be purchased at the counter, the rush can be avoided by booking them on a secure platform on the mobile phone like redBus. With the app, it’s possible to get the timings, operators, and costs and book tickets online from anywhere in the country to the Penang Sentral.

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