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Ipoh, the capital of Perak, is better known as the Gateway to the Cameron Highlands. The city used to be the center of the tin industry in the world. It is now famous for its ancient structures like the cave temple, lively and vibrant markets, and culture. The street art in the old town, recreational centers, and theme parks are just a few of the many tourist attractions in Ipoh. Here is a compilation of the most important tourist spots!

Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Ipoh

  1. Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple is considered the largest of the cave temples in Ipoh. The caves consist of numerous statues of Buddha and other deities. It is located in Gunung Rapat, close to the city, and reachable by bus. 
  2. Perak Tong Cave Temple has a 40 ft tall humungous Buddha Statue in its sitting form. This main statue is flanked by four statues of guarding deities, two on each side. Chinese calligraphy adorns the walls inside the temple.
  3. KeK Lok Tong Cave Temple is inside a massive cave with limestone structures all around. There is an altar here with statues of Buddha and other Chinese deities. The cave was part of the mining site where you could see iron within the walls. 
  4. Ling Sen Tong Temple is at the bottom of the limestone hill, and this cave temple has statues of deities, characters from the Chinese folklore, animals, etc. There even are dragons adorning the temple. Take a walk around to see the pond and its ecosystem. 
  5. Fantasy House Trick Art is a world of illusions where you will often get tricked. This is a fun place for families, couples, and friends. 
  6. Geological Museum exhibits rocks, mineral specimens, and gemstones that are years, decades, and centuries old. The museum is categorized into seven zones. You can witness the exhibits of the mining process in one of the zones. 
  7. Ipoh Railway Station is a beautiful white colonial building made in Victorian architecture. Because of the beauty and shades of Mughal architecture in the building structure, Ipoh railway station is also called the Taj Mahal of Ipoh.
  8. Kellie’s Castle is inspired by the Scottish castle and was built by William Kellie Smith. This castle is also believed to be haunted by numerous rooms and underground tunnels. It is one of the must-visit tourist places in Ipoh. 
  9. Kwan Yin Tong temple is another cave temple famous for the 75 Kwan Yin statues inside. There is also a mural painting that depicts Buddha under the Bodhi Tree. 
  10. The Lost World of Tambun is the most famous theme park in Ipoh. The park is divided into zones that include a water theme park, Tiger valley, and hot spring areas. The hot spring pools here have magical healing powers. You can stay here and enjoy the day with friends and family. 

Best Time to Visit Ipoh

Ipoh boasts a tropical climate and the the best time to visit this city is December to February. Ipoh International Art Festival is one of the famous festivals and you can visit Ipoh somewhere around its schedule to admire the art and take part in the workshops as well. 

Things to Do in Ipoh

Ipoh has plenty of options for tourist places and equally exciting activities in each of these places. Here are some of the interesting things to do in the city:

  • Explore the Gua Tempurung, a cave that is 4.5 km long that passes through giant chambers and structures made of stalactites and stalagmites.  
  • Relax and enjoy at the Gunung Lang Recreational Park, where you can go boating, fishing, etc. 
  • Spend a relaxing day at The Lost World of Tambun
  • Admire and click pictures with the street art in the Old Town. 
  • Spend a day and night at the Haven Luxury Resort, which is magnificent at night. The backdrop of the hills and the lake below makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

How to Reach Ipoh

Ipoh is easily reachable by bus from Kuala Lumpur and other cities in Malaysia. You can book the bus tickets online from anywhere in the world. Once you reach Ipoh, many tourist attractions are within a few kilometers. You can either take a cab or taxi or opt for city buses. Many of these tourist places are reachable by bus. Buses are a cheaper option to travel than taxis if you are someone who likes to travel on a budget.

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