Top Beaches That You Have To Visit In Malaysia


Malaysia needs no introduction as this South-Eastern country boasts of beautiful serene waters and clear blue skies. If you want to relax from your daily humdrum of life, this is the right place for you. The islands, the peninsula, the archipelago, the exotic natural beauty of the country, compels us not to let the opportunity of soaking in the Malaysian Sun, go away.

Malaysian beaches are the jewels of the country that helps the country’s economy by attracting tourism. Thousands of tourists and travelers come to this country to witness nature as a companion. The experiences here are new, spectacular, and enchanting. Whether it is snorkeling or scuba diving or playing with the dolphins, it is all there for you to enjoy and experience nature like never before. There could be many top beaches that you have to visit in Malaysia since there are over 878 islands and archipelagos in the country.

Langkawi and the Perhentian Islands have some beaches that are among the busiest islands in Malaysia, but others are waiting for you to explore. 

Perhentian Kecil Island

One of the most loved and famous beaches in Malaysia would be the Long Beach in Perhentian Kecil Island. This amazing beach has the most beautiful and clear turquoise water. It has activities planned for all age groups. This place has a lot of opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Though if you want a quieter time, you can choose to go for boat rides, which is as relaxing and thrilling as the snorkeling. Winters here are rough as the winds are too rough, and so Perhentian Islands experience a low season during this time. 

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach in the Perhentian Besar area of Malaysia is a snorkeling paradise. The stunning beach’s biggest attraction is the native turtles. It can only be traveled by water-taxis, which is a fun mode of transport. You can find comfortable accommodation here at a fair price.

Pulau Kapas

One of the top beaches that you have to visit in Malaysia is the Pulau Kapas on Kapas Island. The mesmerizing beach is like the abode of Gods settled between beautiful tall palm trees and coconut trees. This beach is just a short boat ride away from the Marang Coast. Anyone wanting to escape the busy, mundane, and routine life can find heaven on this serene island.

Coral Beach

Coral Beach on Redang Island is famous for its beautiful crystal clear waters. It is a must-visit destination for snorkeling. A bright blue sky, pleasant warmth on your back, while you sit back with a drink, your eyes are closed to listen to the waves crashing against the shore. Can you imagine this? Well, all this is what you can experience if you visit this stunning island. 

Gem Island

As the name suggests, the absolute serenity of the Gem Island in Pulau Kapas of Malaysia is a quiet island, best for a peaceful getaway. Visit this island to enjoy the mesmerizing beach. You can snorkel to meet the aqua creatures living in the sea. Enjoy volleyball matches with the locals or make the most of your camera with pictures of the waves crashing at your feet. This place will make you feel “everything is perfect.” 

Juara Beach

Nestled within a secluded bay along the east coast of Pulau Tioman Island in Malaysia, the Juara Beach is known to be a Paradise on Earth. The access to this beach is not as easy as one would imagine since ferries do not stop here and water taxis provide transport from Tekek Islands to Juara. You can find pocket-friendly accommodation in traditional chalets along the coasts.

Island of Tioman

While exploring the beautiful island of Tioman, you can visit a friendly fishing village of Mukut, which is along the Southern tip of Pulau Tioman. It is the most attractive point for natural attractions and activities. This village has small beaches scattered along the shore. You can access the beach through speedboats. There are a few budget hotels that provide all the basic amenities required. All the fishing lovers can have a nice time here, but apart from this, you can have the best time kayaking and camping.


Salang, in the north of Pulau Tioman Islands, is one of the top beaches that you have to visit in Malaysia. This youthful spot attracts all the people out to find themselves. This exotic beauty can also be the Diver’s Den, where there are a lot of reef sites and wrecks. Bonfires brighten up the night time, and you can bask in the aura of the nightlife of this beach. The crisp golden sands, the vibrant coral reefs under the ocean, can be reached via a ferry route.

Monkey Bay

Monkey Bay is a gorgeous beach with the calm blue sea, which lies behind the Salang village on the west coast of Pulau Tioman Islands. The beach can be traveled by speedboat or a jungle trail to experience nature. This beautiful beach offers you to either hike or snorkel. You can even take long walks on the sweeping beachfront, basking in the tranquillity and stay secluded from the routine life.

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang, which lies in the Langkawi Islands, is the busiest and the most breathtaking of all the top beaches that you have to visit in Malaysia. The white sand and the breathtaking crystal clear water ensure perfect pampering. You can try parasailing and jet skiing to add adventurous experience on your trip. You can spend the liveliest nightlife feasting on the great food and cocktails with live music and cultural performances.

The Black Sand Beach

The Black Sand Beach in Langkawi offers a tale of how this beach got such an interesting name. The locals believe the name of this beach was because of the curse laid by a mermaid. Her ring was stolen by a fisherman, leading to the curse of having black and white sand on the beach. Located four kilometers southwest of Tanjung Rhu Beach, this stunning beach is a peaceful retreat from the mundane life. You can sunbathe, plan a family trip, and get little presents from the souvenir shops.

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Beach is a mesmerizing beach on Langkawi’s northwestern coastline. Its name translates to Sandy Skull Beach, which comes from a local legend. It is believed that many dead bodies of sailors were found here after a massive storm or a sea monster. Visit this beach surrounded by the forest and lovely white for a pleasant time over local drinks and delicious food. You can also spend time swimming, sunbathing, camping, or observing the over 500 million years old unique rock formations.

Batu Ferringhi beach

One of the top beaches that you have to visit in Malaysia is the Batu Ferringhi beach in the Penang Islands. The long stretch of white sand and the beautiful waters can be relaxing immediately. You can try jet-skiing, parasailing, and windsurfing to have the greatest time of your life. The night markets can also be enjoyed to the fullest and let you witness the beauty of the place.

Malaysia has a lot to offer. The diversity in its culture can be seen with the way residents embrace each other without any discrimination. The natural beauty of the country and the simplicity of life here is bound to make everyone fall in love with this country. You will always want to come back to Malaysia. 

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