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A First Timer’s Guide to Tioman Islands – Book a Ferry to Tioman

Take a ferry to Tioman to experience the island life

Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island is a nature blessing located off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. If you ever have a dream of visiting a mesmerising island with magical locations, Tioman Islands would fit the description. Ferry is the only way to reach this island. You may choose the Bluewater ferry to Tioman for an economical trip or choose the Cataferry for a more premium ride.

The tickets for ferry to Tioman are also available online. While you may find the basic information such as the Tioman ferry schedule and other details, you need to know more, if you are travelling there for the first time. 

Here is all that you need to know to help you plan your first trip to Tioman Islands.

About Tioman Islands

Tioman Islands is considered to be an ecological paradise with several indigenous flora and fauna. It is geological magic having breathtaking views across the islands and a wonderful underwater world as well. 

It is also a marine park with beautiful coral reefs suitable for scuba diving and snorkelling. As a bonus, the entire island is covered by rainforests where those indigenous animals live. These features make Tioman Island the perfect place to have a beach vacation, explore nature, or indulge in adventure activities. 

The island is meagrely populated, and mainly occupied by tribes. Commercial establishments are very less and limited just to just a few hotels and resorts. Visitors here are mostly to these resorts. 

How to reach the Tioman Islands – Book a ferry to Tioman

Reaching Tioman Islands is a mix of land and sea routes. The main point of connection to the island is Mersing town in Johor. You can reach Mersing from Johor Bahru or other towns and cities in Malaysia, by bus. If you are unable to get direct bus routes to Mersing, you can find buses to Johor Bahru. For example, if you are planning a KL to Tioman Island trip, then you need to take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. You will get buses for the final leg from Johor Bahru to Mersing which is about 2 hrs away from the ferry terminal. The approximate bus ticket rates will be MYR 18.1 for the Mersing to Johor Bahru bus and MYR 30 for a KL to Johor Bahru bus.

The journey from the Mersing Ferry to Tioman Island will be by sea route. You can book the ferry to Tioman online with trustworthy portals such as redBus. Click on the Ferry tab to book the ferry tickets. Check Tioman island ferry schedule before booking tickets.

The ferry ticket to Tioman Island will cost approximately MYR 120 for a return ticket for adults. 

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Best Time to Visit Tioman Islands

Tioman Islands have typical Malaysian weather, having hot and humid conditions. The days will be hot, evenings better and cooler nights. The best time to visit here is from January to September. From October to January, the monsoon season can play havoc with moderate to heavy rainfall. This will be a low tourism season with very few tourists arriving. It will be difficult to operate ferries during these unfavourable conditions, so only one ferry will be operating per day. The peak season is from May to August when the chances of rainfall are the least. 

Things to do in Tioman Island

  • Snorkelling on Coral Island through the fishes and beautiful coral reefs will be a wonderful experience. Even if you are a novice, you can easily get instructions and training from the local diving centres. 
  • Scuba Diving: Tioman diving centre is the best place to learn diving and get a PADI certification. Once you have the certification, you can head towards the best diving spots on the islands. 
  • Asah Waterfall or Mukt Waterfall is a beautiful place to be in the rainforest. You can go hiking or take a water taxi to reach the spot. The place is serene and peaceful. It also appeared in Hollywood. You can simply enjoy the place or take a dip in this cool fresh water. 
  • Surfing is a popular activity at Juara. You can take a surfboard for rent from the village and enjoy. The waves can be up to 20 m during monsoon but otherwise, they can be quite manageable. 
  • Beach sports such as volleyball etc will be a better option if you would rather enjoy the sun and water than any adventure. You may also choose cycling to spend your time on the island. 
  • Duty-free shopping: Tioman Islands is a duty-free area. You can go shopping or get some booze at a cheaper rate. It is not widely available as the stock can be less in the village areas. 
  • Enjoy the nightlife at the Tioman Cabana Bar.

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Boat tours, Bluewater Express service, cabs, and water taxis are the means of getting around the island. You can get bicycles for rent to roam around as well. Getting the best accommodation makes a huge difference, so you must find the most suitable one as per your taste and budget. There are several to choose from. It will be ideal to spend 2-3 days here at Tioman Islands. Visiting here during the non-peak season will be more economical. So, plan your trip accordingly and have a great time!

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