Domestic travel in Malaysia


The spread of covid-19 and lockdown in various countries worldwide have had a huge impact on everyone everywhere. People were suddenly unable to meet their colleagues, friends or family. Daily life changed overnight, and vacations/ going outdoors became the common dream. When the restrictions started lifting, people began travelling again. Domestic travel in Malaysia and other countries has seen a rise in interest.   

Malaysia is a beautiful country that attracts many tourists throughout the year. The pandemic had affected the country a lot, bringing daily life to a standstill. However, people have been engaging in domestic tourism since travelling to selected places have been allowed. 

Please check the official government websites for the latest update on travel restrictions. 

Popular Destinations for Domestic Travel in Malaysia 

There are many popular destinations for domestic travel in Malaysia. Once the restrictions are lifted, you can plan a trip to many of these places.  

Some of the places for domestic travel in Malaysia are – 

  • Rainbow Waterfall in Pahang: This waterfall is famous among hikers and other travellers. You can see a rainbow here in the morning when the sun reflects on the water. To reach here, you can take a bus to Sungai Lembing. 
  • Lenggong: The Lenggong Valley is located in the Hulu Perak district and is the oldest place that shows signs of human activity in the past in Peninsular Malaysia. It is a World Heritage site and is home to museums. You can go to Lenggong by booking bus tickets online on the redBus website/mobile app. 
  • Langkawi: Situated on Malaysia’s West Coast, this archipelago made up of 99 islands is a beautiful place that everyone must visit at least once. The jewel of Kedah is the perfect place for nature lovers. You can enjoy the underworld life here and take a ride on the cable car. Various buses are available to go to Langkawi. You can choose your preferred seat on a bus when you book your bus tickets online. 
  • Melaka: If exploring the cultural hotspots is on the mind, then this city will never disappoint. Malacca has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It has many colonial masterpieces and historical places. Taking a bus is the easiest way to travel to Melaka. 
  • Mount Kinabalu: Located in Sabah, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo. It is famous among trekkers and nature lovers for its flora and fauna. You can reach here in multiple ways, but buses are the best and most economical way to travel to Mount Kinabalu. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other places for domestic travel in Malaysia. You can buy bus tickets online on the redBus website/mobile app in just a few clicks. There are some rules you have to follow while travelling within the country. It is mandatory to maintain social distance and wear masks. It is advised to use hand sanitizers and maintain personal hygiene for safety. 

You can visit redBus’s Malay site ‘tiket bas online‘ for more info on bus tickets.