Major Events and Places to Visit in Malaysia in 2020

Malaysia, being a melting pot of cultures, has plenty of festivals and celebrations held by its diverse communities. Every season has a different festival with its celebratory rituals that are fascinating for all who visit the country. So, when you’re visiting Malaysia, ensure to add in your trip planner the dates of the major events that you can enjoy on your stay along with the Malaysian tourist places they are held in. With that said, here are the top Malaysia 2020 events:

Chinese New Year

When: 25 January 2020

With one out of four Malaysians having Chinese ancestry, the Chinese New Year 2020 is a major festival that is celebrated throughout the country. This grand celebration starts on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar lasts for 15 days, with the Lantern Festival being the last celebration. The festival begins with the reunion dinner on the new year’s eve and continues through several other rituals. Be sure to dress in red, the color of prosperity throughout, and take part in festivities such as dance performances, ‘ang pow,’ hot air balloon fiesta, and the lantern display.


When: 8 February 2020

Thaipusam is a major festival for the Tamil- Hindu community of Malaysia that honors the deity Subramaniam or Murugan’s victory over the evil force Soorapadam. The Batu Caves in Gombak District, Selangor is one of the epicenters of the celebrations where you can find a scenic procession of devotees who come with offerings and sacrifices to the deity. The festival is celebrated for three days with the incredible sight of it is the deity’s idol being carried in a silver chariot with drums and chants. A million devotees attend this part of the procession.

Kelantan Kite Festival 

When: End of May

The Kelantan Kite Festival is a world-famous event with enthusiasts from all around the globe traveling to Malaysia to fly hundreds of uniquely designed kites. The festival is held towards the end of May at the Getting Beach adjacent to the town of Tumpat. The steady but strong monsoon winds allow for kites of huge proportions to be flow with ease, wowing thousands of spectators that flock into the event. The five-day event should be on your trip planner if you intend to visit Malaysia at the end of May. You can also enjoy delicious beachside local fare and pick up souvenirs.

Rainforest World Music Festival

When: July 2020

Held amid a jungle resort, the Rainforest World Music Festival is the largest of its kind in all of Southeast Asia. Tens of thousands of travelers gather at the festival in the middle of the monsoon in Borneo for the celebration and workshops. The festival happens at the Sarawak Cultural Village resort, where hundreds of people dance in the rain and mud to the stage performances of musicians from all over the world. Some other shows and demonstrations and workshops go on for three days, making it one of the top Malaysian tourist places.

National Day

When: 31 August 2020

Independence Day or Hari Merdeka is held on 31 August to celebrate Malaysia’s independence from British rule in 1957. As one of the country’s most important festivals, it is celebrated with elaborate processions, military demonstrations, and spectacular fireworks that are captivating.


When: End of November

One of the most important festivals for all Hindus in Malaysia, Deepavali, or the ‘festival of lights’ is celebrated all across Malaysia. The festival is celebrated with just as much vigor as it is celebrated in India with vibrant lights and wide varieties of food. Central to the celebrations are the ‘Rangoli’ arts where colored chalk and sand are used to make complicated geometrical patterns on the ground or streets in front of the houses.

Dragon Boat Festival 

When: 7, 8 December 2020

Held in Penang, the International Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most thrilling events in the area. This traditional boat racing event features competing teams from around the world who operate dragon-shaped boats. With 20 paddlers on each boat, they race each other on a 2km stretch. The tradition goes back to the first dragon boat race festival that was held in 1956 to celebrate the 100th year of Georgetown’s anniversary. The event is attended by contestants from over 60 countries in categories for men, women, and mixed teams.

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