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Things to do in Malaysia in February

things to do in Malaysia in February

Malaysia, an enchanting tourist place, is separated into two regions- Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Its versatility and rich natural landscape make it one of the most visited tourist destinations. Mount Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur(the capital of Malaysia), Penang, Borneo islands, Langkawi etc., are the favourite places tourists love to explore. We have listed down for you things to do in Malaysia in February.

Fascinating activities like Langkawi Cruise, enjoying Sunset at Batu Caves etc, and Thaipusam celebrations are the highlights of Malaysia in February. Captivate visitors’ excitement with their aesthetic vibe in Malaysia. Book your bus tickets online on redBus now to enjoy amazing deals and discounts on your travel! 

5 Things to Do in Malaysia in February

Having a trip to Malaysia in February? Here are some amazing ideas to immerse yourself in the potpourri cultures of Malaysia:

Take the Langkawi Cruise 

Let your hair down, and enjoy a cruise trip at Langkawi! 

Langkawi, known for its clear water and mesmerizing beaches, is an amazing place on the northwest Coast of Malaysia. Take the cruise in Langkawi. You can enjoy the sunset, unwind in a Jacuzzi on the cruise. Experience the tropical flora and fauna of Langkawi, like golden eagles and dolphins, on the cruise. 

Also, take the Langkawi to Koh Lipe ferry and visit the stunning beaches of Koh Lipe!

Witness the Thaipusam Celebrations

Falling in the month of February is the festival of Thaipusam . It is celebrated in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Penang and Selangor. Being a public holiday in these states, you can effortlessly enjoy the true spirit of Malaysian culture there. The celebrations are grand and beautiful, and the festival is marked by the devotion of millions of Hindus to tribute Lord Murugan. The foot procession that happens is one of a kind and you must add it to your list of thing to do in Malaysia in February.

The second day of these celebrations is marked by a walk to Batu Caves where devotees carry milk pots, also called Kavadi. Excite your soul with the colours of this festival and enjoy the Sunset of Batu Caves with the pilgrims.

the vibe of the celebrations in the Shree Balathandayuthapani Devasthanam, Penang. All you have to do is board a bus From KL To Penang. To book your bus to Penang, visit redBus now and unlock amazing deals and offers for your trip with the convenience of online bus ticketing.

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 Visit Temples in Penang 

Penang is full of vibrant temples including The Tow Boo Kong Temple, the temple of Nine Emperor Gods, Sree Maha Mariamman Devasthanam Temple. In conclusion, you must add Penang to your list of things to do in Malaysia in February.

Explore the aesthetic art and murals at George Town, visit the famous frog hill of Penang. Don’t forget to go on the ferry ride to nearby island. Towards the end of your day, visit Penang Sentral, the major transportation hub of Penang, to grab a bus from Penang To Kuala Lumpur for your return journey. 

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Explore Kuala Lumpur 

You cannot miss on Petronas Tower if you are looking for things to do in Malaysia in February. The view from the top of the tower is as mesmerizing as the sun going down the horizon and can blow your mind. Known as the tallest twin tower in the world, the views are captivating from the top. Our quick tip is that you visit the tower in the evening to feast on some of the magical sunset skyline views the tower has to offer. 

Additionally,being in Kuala Lumpur means adventure. Go for Tandem Skydiving. It will require jumping off the aircraft and floating in the air. All things considered, this experience will take your breath away.

Take the Cable Car in Genting Skyway 

Awana Skyway, or Genting Skyway, connects you to the Chin Swee Temple and SkyAvenue in Genting Highlands. It provides a bird’s eye view of the whole location through a cable car. The Genting Highlands are said to have the oldest tropical rainforests whose views can leave you stunned. You can book bus to Genting easily on redBus and add this as one of the things to do in Malaysia!

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Tying the knots!

Being a combination of 13 states, Malaysia has a wealthy and diverse cultural heritage. This is clearly reflected in its cultural festivals, with Thaipusam being one of them. The intriguing landscape of the country has various features, be it the mountains, beaches or urban nightlife; you can experience it all in Malaysia.

For your convenience, you can always prepare for your trip beforehand. So, what are you waiting for? Book all your bus tickets online on redBus now!  

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