Things to do in Mersing

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Mersing is a coastal town that is considered a part of Malaysia. Mersing Island attracts a lot of tourists to Malaysia every year. The beaches here are incredibly safe and fun. The city has about 70,000 people, which makes it less crowded compared to the other coastal towns. You can easily book a Mersing bus and explore the city. You can easily book bus online ticket using the redBus app. There are several places that you can explore on the Island. Booking a Mersing bus with redBus is the most convenient and affordable way to get around the place.

Things to do in Mersing

Several things will keep you engaged on Mersing Island. You can spend your holiday sunbathing on the beach or having good seafood in several eateries that are there on Mersing Beach. Listed below are some of the famous and exciting things that you can do in Mersing.

Scuba Diving

The beautiful blue waters of the sea near the Mersing beach will lure you into trying out some water activities. Scuba Diving is the most popular water sport here. Several trained coaches and experts and experts will teach on who to go about Scuba Diving. You can take a Mersing bus to the Mersing Johor beach or any other popular beach and then perform the activity.

The Mersing Marine Park Centre

This place is a must-visit if you are in the beautiful city of Mersing. You can book tickets online from redBus to locally travel to this place. This place will give you all the information about the town. Not only this but the park also has an exhibition hall where you can see some creatures from the seas. 

Hock Soon Temple

All the Southeast Asian countries have a rich culture and heritage. Also, these countries are known for their beautiful temples. You can book tickets on redBus to explore all the temples in Mersing. It is a Chinese temple that was constructed in the Taoist style. This temple is built for the god of prosperity, Tua Pek Kong. 

Air Papan Beach

Mersing has mesmerising beaches. You can take a stroll on these beaches and relax. Air Papan Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mersing. There are several coconut trees lined up on the beach, adding to the beauty of the place. You will also find rice paddies along the coast. Also, a popular festival called the Pesta Air Papan is celebrated in May. Therefore, you can plan your trip to Mersing accordingly. You can book a bus online ticket using the redBus app and reach the festival site.

Sri Subramaniam Temple

This temple is near the Hock Soon Temple. You can easily walk to this temple if you are near the Hock Soon Temple. The temple is built for a Hindu deity called Subramanian. This beautiful temple is worth your time.

Mersing Harbour Centre

The Sultan of Johor launched this centre. People can book ferry tickets from this centre. It is also known to be a centre for all kinds of tourist information. So, you can visit this place via a bus booked on redBus and collect all the information before visiting different sites in Mersing

Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant

Seafood is on the list of some of the most popular delicacies around the world. If you visit Mersing, it is recommended for you to eat at the Loke Tien Yuen restaurant. The place has the best Cantonese cuisine. Make sure that you book your seats beforehand as the restaurant is usually packed. You can take a bus to reach this restaurant. You can then try out some of the best dishes that the restaurant has to offer.

Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular activities on Mersing Island. Ah Fatt Kelong is the best spot for fishing. You can take a ferry ride to reach the place. There are several hotels nearby. You can choose to stay for a night and experience nature in its purest form. You will be provided with a fishing rod, live shrimps, snooker rod and a boat for a hassle-free fishing experience. 

Visit the Tanjung Resang Beach

Beaches are pretty standard in Mersing. However, Tanjung Resang Beach is famous for its sunset. People flock together on this beach to watch the sunset as the sky becomes gorgeous. Also, it is a white beach which looks beautiful at night. You can sit on the beach in the evening and relax on this beach. You can book your bus via the redBus app to reach this popular beach. 

Gunung Arong

Mersing is one such island where you can participate in all kinds of adventure sports and activities. You can even go hiking in Mersing. The peak of Gunung Arong is a very popular hiking spot in the city. The hill is about 240 metres high, and it will only take an hour to reach the hill’s peak. You can easily find your way as there are well-marked signs along the way that will help you reach the peak. 

Rawa Island

This place is one of the most beautiful attractions of the city. You can Skuba dive or Snorkel in the blue waters. A lot of people also go to this place for Shark diving. It is the best island to rejuvenate yourself. You can lie near the coast and sunbathe.

Mersing is one of the most beautiful cities in Malaysia. Some places are so beautiful that the views are breathtaking. You can sit on the beach, have seafood, and participate in several adventure activities in Mersing. You can even hire a guide who can help you explore the city better. Travelling through the city is extremely easy as you can book a bus and explore every nook and corner of this place. You can easily book a bus using the redBus app to explore the beautiful city of Mersing. Visit the beautiful city today and immerse yourself in the once in a lifetime experience.

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