Camping and Glamping in Malaysia

camping and glamping in Malaysia

Camping is an age-old way of enjoying a vacation. It offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature. In recent times, the charm of such trips has enticed many and helped them get away from the city for a few days. Camping in Malaysia has always been a great choice for the natives as well as the tourists. However, as time passed, camping made way for glamping which is an upgrade to this concept. Glamping in Malaysia is the latest trend, with many resorts setting up modern facilities to attract campers. 

Camping and Glamping in Malaysia

From modern tents on the ground to treetop cabins, people now prefer to enjoy camping with luxury. But, at the same time, there still are people who like the traditional type of camping. Malaysia has spots for both kinds of travellers. Sites are present across the country from the capital city to Perak or Ipoh. These sites are available at various states of luxury, from basic to ultra-modern. All you need to do is research and find the best spot for yourself.

Camping Vs Glamping

Traditional camping means going backpacking, living inside the tents in a remote area, or going trekking to find a spot to spend a night or two. It also involves living in the RV for a more comfortable experience. 

Glamping is camping in luxury tents with modern facilities inside. While the old school method brings people closer to nature, glamping makes any spot more like a home with all the amenities. The amenities differ from one campsite to another. Moreover, glamping helps people with kids have the traditional experience without compromising their comfort. 

Popular camping and glamping sites in Malaysia 

The landscapes and the tropical nature of the country offer plenty of camping and glamping sites in Malaysia. Many of these sites are ideal for stargazing. Most importantly, many of these places are easily accessible from nearby cities. 

Here are some of the most popular glamping and camping sites in Malaysia – 

  • Tadom Hill Resort, Selangor

It is the most popular camping site in Selangor. The campsite has bamboo huts and is surrounded by limestone cliffs. The natural beauty of the place is also due to the combination of the forest and lakes. 

When you want to go glamping in Selangor, you can ride from Kuala Lumpur. The site is almost 2 hrs away from the capital city. One could take a bus from KL Sentral towards the KL Airport, and from there, take a cab for the last 15 minutes to reach the resort. 

  • Sea Horizon Resort, Johor

The dome-shaped campsites oversee the South China Sea. The cliffside tents are the perfect weekend getaway for anyone. This site for glamping in Johor is located in the Sedili Besar village. It helps travellers learn about the village culture and see the wonderful architecture of the buildings around. 

To get here, you can take a bus from Johor Bahru to Kota Tinggi. From there, hire a cab to reach the campsite. You can easily book bus tickets online on redBus.

  • Time Capsule Retreat, Kuantan

It is the best camping option in Pahang. As the name suggests, the campsites have capsule-shaped huts where you can enjoy the day or night away from the city and outer world. 

You can easily get to this place by bus. You can board a Line 500 bus from the Terminal Sentral Kuantan. 

  • Tiarasa Escapes- Glamping in Janda Baik

The search for a glamping option in KL stops at the Tiasara Escapes, a luxurious campsite with many amenities. Located at the foothills of the mountain Janda Baik, there are tents in safari-style and rooftop villas. Staying here would be the same as staying at a star hotel with all facilities. 

The location is 45 mins away from KL. There are buses available from various parts of Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur, so reaching here for a weekend is not a hassle. 

  • Royal Belum State Park, Perak

It is the best camping site in Perak if you wish to have an outdoor adventure. Trekking, bonfire camping, star gazing are part of the menu here. The park is connected to the outer world by public transportation, so reaching here will not be a problem. One can buy online bus tickets from Kuala Lumpur TBS, George Town, or Kota Bharu to Gerik.

Bottom Line

As staycation is becoming popular, people prefer to go camping and glamping. The sites help bring peace and comfort. Rather than combing the country to find the best luxury resort, one could look for luxurious camping tents to spend some quality time with family and friends. For those new to camping, glamping could be a stepping stone and then graduate to traditional camping for an adventurous trip sometime later. You can easily reach the camping and glamping locations in Malaysia by taking a bus. Bus online tickets are available on redBus and can be booked within minutes.

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