Getting In and Around Cameron Highlands

getting around in Cameron Highlands

Located in Pahang, a Malaysian state dating back to the 1900s, Cameron Highlands was discovered by Sir William Cameron. He was a colonialist from Britain and created a village to provide the residents belonging to the lowlands with a break during the summer months.

Hosting tourists from all over the world and visitors from all over the country for a little less than a century, Cameron Highlands is famous for its unique tea and vegetable industry. It is one of the most beautiful mysteries of Malaysia. 

Traveling to Cameron Highlands Within Malaysia

With high popularity amongst tourists, visiting Cameron Highlands from Kuala Lumpur or Penang is extremely simple and convenient. Usually, the bus ride from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands takes around a little more than three hours. A Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands bus, leaving from Bersepadu Selatan Terminal and arriving at the Tanah Rata Bus Terminal, costs a bit more than RM30. 

From AmanJaya Bus Terminal in Ipoh, the Cameron highlands bus takes around one hour and thirty minutes to reach the Tanah Rata Bus Terminal. This would cost a little bit less than RM19.  

On reaching the highlands, tourists can use either a shuttle or a taxi to get around. They may also get around on foot and explore the location. Shuttle type buses leave the terminal and pass through Brinchang dropping passengers off at Kampung Raja. The tickets for this are priced at approximately RM2. 

Just a tip: Knowing the shuttle schedule will come in handy because it has an irregular schedule and is prone to delays. 

Taxis, however, are the fastest way to get around the Highlands, especially during the evenings due to the inadequate lighting on the streets.

For all bus travel needs, redBus is the best way to go as making the process of booking bus tickets online to Cameron Highlands is easy and accessible.

Weather in Cameron Highlands

The temperatures during the day float in the 20ºC regions and can drop to an average temperature of 15ºC. This, however, can sometimes drop down to single-digit temperatures. Travelers are advised to bring warm clothes along like jeans and jackets. The quick-changing temperatures of the highlands are known to catch visitors and tourists off guard. The location is prone to rains, which are received mostly by the mountains and tend to cause a persisting drizzle. When hiking, travelers are advised to bring along a water-resistant jacket. 

Where Can You Stay in Cameron Highlands

Divided into three locations, the Cameron Highlands provide visitors with a large number of options where staying is concerned. These three locations are Tanah Ratna, Brinchang, and Kea Farm regions. Tana Ratna and Brinchang cradle mostly hostels and guesthouses along with other cost-effective accommodations. On the main road lies a pretty looking resort built in line with the colonial period.   

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands offers tourists and visitors a large number of activities allowing them to get in touch with nature. It provides an opportunity for visitors to see the beauty of the countryside, which is much like the English countryside, and leave behind the city’s stress and troubles. 

Listed below are the places that are popularly visited and are must-visits in the Cameron Highlands. 

Boh Plantation: 

A destination filled with peace and tranquillity, the Boh plantation is a must-visit location. It was brought about by a British businessman named J A Russel and cradled three important tea gardens. These products are not sold and consumed just within Malaysia but also internationally. Exploring this vast plantation is a delightful experience. There are also tour guides available to guide visitors around and educate them on tea making. 

Lavender Gardens 

A sight to behold, this small yet beautiful garden is one of the best locations for nature lovers and enthusiasts. With the sweet smell of lavender floating in the air, the nicely paved paths allow tourists to enjoy a calm and relaxing walk with family and loved ones. It also consists of a cafe, a mini bee history section, a gaming area, and shops for souvenirs, thus catering to visitors of all age groups. 

Mossy Forest hike 

The higher elevations of these highlands and mountain ranges are filled with forest areas that are the perfect location for adventure-loving tourists. They are referred to as the cloud or mossy forests due to the large number of rains that they receive. Hiking up these mountains is a very popular activity, allowing tourists and visitors to come closer to nature while enjoying the beautiful mountains’ view.

Thompson Falls

Away from the fast-moving and buzzing city life, this scenic location is a favorite amongst photographers and tourists. Visitors can experience the view from the top by climbing the stairs present. The location is bustling due to the various small shops which provide visitors with snacks and various other refreshments. 

Visit the Markets

Any popular tourist destination is also popular for its markets. The Cameron highlands are not any different, with tourists exploring the market region with great enthusiasm. The morning market, popularly known as Pasar Pagi, is among the two different types of markets in this location, along with the night markets called Pasar Malam. They are each located in the Kea Farm town and the Brinchang town, respectively, with the morning market being accessible at 8 am every day while the night market is available after 3 pm every day. 

All types of products, from clothes to household products, vegetables, spice, and fruits, are available here. There are also some gift shops located here. 

Time Tunnel Museum 

The “Local Museum” is also known as the first museum boasting memorabilia of the country. It provides, in great detail, the history of the Cameron Highlands. Several parts of the museum display various models and pictures about the people’s early lifestyle and the timeline of change. It provides tourists with the unique opportunity to walk through the history of the highlands.