Seven Wells Waterfall in Langkawi

Seven Wells Waterfall

Malaysia is one of the top choices on any traveller’s bucket list because of the variety of experiences it offers. Being a tropical paradise, there are natural sites galore for eco-tourists to check out. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Seven Wells Waterfall in Langkawi. 

Seven Wells Waterfall Details

As the name indicates, the waterfall consists of a set of upper pools and lower pools separated by a sheer cliff that is 91 ft tall. The Seven Wells Waterfall is adorned by smooth rock faces that can be reached easily by climbing about 200 steps at the lower tiers. To get to this waterfall, also called Telaga Tujuh, you have to hike through a humid rainforest (though there are facilities through the route). The lower pools are a welcome relief from the walk.

After enjoying the scenic lower tier, a climb of 638 steps will take you to the upper level, where you will find the remaining pools, a few of which have gentle slides leading in. The biggest one among them is a natural infinity-shaped pool, but being at the mouth of the waterfall can be dangerous. The climb can be tiring but is rewarding and picturesque as it takes you through Mount Mat Cincang rainforest with plenty of leafy boughs, birds like Hornbills, and animals like swinging macaques. There is another trail atop the waterfall, not, however, meant for the inexperienced trekker.

A river connects all the pools. Telaga Tujuh Waterfall of Langkawi also offers a gorgeous view of the whole landscape from the upper observation deck with a glass bottom that can be terrifying. It provides a thrilling view of the forest and the entire Seven Wells Waterfall to the ocean. It is located at the upper tier.


Langkawi island is a must-visit destination in Malaysia. Make sure to include the Seven Wells Waterfall in your itinerary, along with all the other things to do on the island. The best way to get around Langkawi island is by car or bike, with plenty of options for hire. The nearest town is Kampung Lubok Buaya, 20 km and a 30min drive from the waterfall’s base.

When and How to Reach the Seven Wells Waterfall?

The easiest way to reach is to pass Pantai Kok beach and go inward 2 km away from Burau Bay Beach. The parking area of the waterfalls is about a kilometre from here. 

There are also hiking trails through the nearby forests that you can explore, but they may be exhausting for the average sightseer.

If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, the cheapest way to reach Langkawi is by taking a bus to the port in Kuala Perlis and boarding a ferry from there. You can book bus tickets online easily on the redBus website/mobile app. 

The best time to visit the Seven Wells Waterfall is in the morning. If you arrive by 8 am, the day will be cool enough to trek comfortably, and you can beat the crowds at the pools. The best season to see the falls is the monsoon, when the water flows through it, though it can rain quite heavily as well. 


There are small shops for food and snacks, near the car park including a restaurant. You can refresh yourself with coconut water, soda, ice creams, etc. There is also a visitors centre nearby that may recommend guides sometimes. You can also get transport facilities to take you up the waterfall, which is very helpful if your group has older folks or small children.

Other Things to Do

The Seven Wells Waterfall is quite close to the Langkawi Oriental Village, where you can try the Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge. You can take the 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive to sample the restaurants here and enjoy the open-air themed space with a big blue lake.

The Cable Car takes you up Mount Mat Chinchang, the afore-mentioned source of the Seven Wells Waterfall, and you can get a beautiful view from another angle. This car stops at the Sky Bridge, a must-see place if you wish to view all of Langkawi from the islets to the other end, where you can see Tarutao Island in southern Thailand. It’s an exciting and awe-inspiring place though quite safe since there are double steel railings and many safety precautions.

The Pantai Kok Beach and Burau Bay Beach are beautiful, with hills and jungles nearby. These places have modern amenities thanks to the presence of Telaga Harbour Park at the waterfront. It is a yachting marina with many shops, bars, restaurants, a petrol station, bank, and post office for visitors and residents.

In a Nutshell

The Seven Wells Waterfall is a site you must visit at least once. You can easily get your bus tickets online from redBus, a reputed online bus booking site globally. While you are there, make sure to dress modestly to respect the local customs, don’t feed the animals or cross barricades, obey all the signage and exercise caution. The stones may be slippery, so it is best to be careful while walking. Remember to carry any medication, water, sunblock, and other necessities you may need during the journey.

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