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Top 5 Things to Do at Kuala Terengganu

Crystal Mosque in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
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Kuala Terengganu is the serene capital city of the state of Terengganu situated on the east coast of Malaysia. If you plan to have a holiday in Malaysia and would like to visit some less crowded areas, Kuala Terengganu is where you should be. The city is adorned with architectural marvels, spectacular mosques, picturesque white sandy beaches, and other historical monuments with plenty of dining and shopping options. 

While you are in Kuala Terengganu, there are a few things that you must do and places to have to visit to really experience the place. The state has a well equipped public transport system with plenty of buses, making it easier for people to find online tickets for buses and reach here from other places in Malaysia. 

5 must-do things at Kuala Terengganu

Here are the top 5 things that will help you have a wonderful time in Kuala Terengganu –  

Ride on Cas Ligas bus

Can Ligas is a unique town bus designed in the brown shade and specific windows, giving a house on wheels vibe. The design goes well with the traditional Kuala Terengganu houses. This bus is available on various routes and will take you around the city through famous places of interest. 

The bus can carry up to 30 passengers with fully air-conditioned interiors. You can board the bus from the bus stations or from the specified bus stops, where you see the Cas Ligas signboard. 

Visit Crystal Mosque

This unique mosque is a popular place of interest in Kuala Terengganu. As the name suggests, the Crystal Mosque’s exterior is made of crystal, glass, and steel, giving it a unique colour. The silver domes reflect the water from the nearby river. The view of the mosque keeps getting better as evening approaches and the lights are turned on. 

The huge crystal chandelier inside, under the main dome, is a photogenic spot. The corridors of the mosque have latticework, and glasses adorn the dome to provide natural light. This modern marvel is made using both ancient designs and modern architectural tools and ideas. The mosque is large enough to accommodate up to 1500 people, often witnessed during Ramzan and Bakrid. 

A trip to Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian

A trip to Kuala Terengganu is incomplete without a visit to either of these islands. Although several Kuala Terengganu Beach Resorts are available, these two islands and the facilities they offer are the most popular. Both these islands are known for their clear blue water and sandy beach.

Visit the Perhentian Islands when you are in Kuala Terengganu

While the Redang island consists of several beaches and a famous resort, the Perhentian is a resort island in itself. Both are marine protected areas.

Visitors may indulge in island hopping, snorkelling, underwater tours etc., here for entertainment. The coral bay is a famous tourist spot for many. While on a visit here during the June-September season, one may see the green turtles at the Perhentian. Equally enjoyable is a boat/ferry to Perhentian and Redang from the mainland. 

Ho Ann Kiong Buddhist Temple

Situated in the city’s Chinatown area, the Ho Ann Kiong Buddhist Temple is an important place of worship for the Buddhist community. From the ornate courtyard to the aromatic smoke from the incense that fills the interior, this temple is bursting with colours. 

The very speciality of this 200-year-old temple is that it is full of colours in all areas with reflecting lights from the red and gold plated walls. Both the interior and exterior walls have carved statues. The wishing tree, almost engulfing an old building, is situated behind the temple. Although it is a small temple, its architecture and grandeur make up for its size.

Climb the Bukit Puteri

Bukit Puteri, also known as the Princess Hill, is a small hill with a height of 22m. The main attraction is climbing the steep stairs to reach the top to get a spectacular view of the city and sea below. Visitors often endure the steep climbing to reach the ruins of the fort where the ‘Princess’ used to reside. The remains of the royalty include the fort, cannons, a royal flagpole, a large copper bell, etc. 

The hill is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm at a nominal entrance fee of RM1. 

How to reach Kuala Terengganu

Various bus routes connect Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal to other cities of Malaysia. You can find buses to and from Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Klang, etc. 

Buses are available throughout the day from various parts of the country to Kuala Terengganu. Online bus booking services are available for all these routes. You can find long-distance buses with multiple amenities to this place. 

You can search for buses to Kuala Terengganu on redBus. The redBus website/mobile application is the most reliable platform in the world for bus ticketing. It allows people to book bus tickets online while enjoying various offers. The Kuala Terengganu bus online tickets from redBus are also available in the form of an e-ticket and accepted by all bus operators.  

Most tourists generally prefer the west coast of Malaysia for holidaying. Kuala Terengganu is among those East coast tourist places in Malaysia that everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Despite being a relatively new city, this place has emerged into a famous holiday destination within no time. The fishing community with the largest drawbridge in Asia can be found here. 

It has the charm of both the ancient buildings and modern architecture. The delicious seafood options attract people to this place and get a lot of them to keep returning. All the islands and forests make this place the perfect choice for a weekend getaway. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Kuala Terengganu today!

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