The Langkawi Cable Car – A Super-Thrilling Experience

Langkawi Cable Car

Skycab Langkawi, or Langkawi Cable Car, is a popular tourist attraction in Malaysia. It is by far believed to be the steepest cable car ride in the world. The 2.2-kilometer cable car line leads to the oldest rainforest in Malaysia. It takes people up to a height of 708 meters above sea level.

The Langkawi Cable Car is not only popular for the 15-minute exciting ride but also due to its beautiful location and numerous other interesting places in its proximity. The aerial view of the wide-dense forest and the millions of years old rock formations during the ride paints a pretty picture of nature at its best.

Skycab Langkawi has three stations, the Base station, the Middle Station, and the Top Station. The Base Station, located at the Oriental Village, is the place from where the cable car takes visitors to the Middle Station, which is at the height of 650 meters above sea level. At this point, visitors can disembark from the cable car to get a surreal view of the Langkawi islands and the Andaman Sea. 

This is also the point from where the Gondolas take a 45-degree turn to reach the Top Station located at the top of the second largest mountain in Langkawi, Machingcang. Once at the top, visitors can get a 360-degree breathtaking view of Langkawi, the green forest on the slopes of Mount Mat Chincang and the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls from the twin observation decks.

The Skycab Langkawi has 35 ordinary gondolas in which a total of 6 people can ride at one time. Apart from these, there are four glass-bottom gondolas through which passengers can see the forest down below and 2 VIP gondolas with 3 leather seats on each of them.

The tickets for the cable car ride are available at the Oriental Village ticket counter, and each ticket includes a cable car ride, entry into the SkyDome, and SkyRex.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: Entry between 10:00-19:00 (closes by 20:00)
  • Wednesday: Entry between 12:00-19:00 (closes by 20:00)
  • Friday-Sunday: Entry between 9:30-19:00 (closes by 20:00)

How to Get There

There are no direct buses to Langkawi. Visitors can travel by bus or taxi to Kuala Perlis and take a ferry to Langkawi or get on a flight from Kuala Lumpur. However, for budget travel, visit redBus and get a discounted online bus ticket from Hentian Duta Bus Terminal at Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis. Once in Langkawi, visitors need to hire Minivans or Taxis to get to the cable car.

Places of Interest

Other than the thrilling ride, there are few more things to do for an exhilarating experience at the Langkawi Cable Car that visitors should not miss.

  • Skyrex Langkawi

During 5 minutes of exciting 3D Dinosaur adventure, the visitors to the Skyrex Langkawi experience real effects like a spray of water, vigorous movement, air blasts, and lighting in a tram-style simulator.

  • Langkawi Skybridge

Built over the Machincang Mountain, the Langkawi Skybridge is said to be the longest curved bridge in the world. Hanging about 100 meters above the ground, it surely gives the visitors an adrenaline rush while walking on it and viewing the forest from above.

  • SkyDome

It is a simulated fun-filled roller-coaster ride of 10-minutes with the help of 12 projectors at the SkyDome that gives a 360-degree of the 3D image of the entire outside view from the top.

  • Sky Adventure Park

A park with a bumpy trail ride, it is a place with beautiful natural surroundings and rides to thrill one and all.

  • 3D Art Museum

Located down at the Oriental Village, the 3D Art Museum has some fascinating 3D paintings. It is a great place for a few clicks.

  • 6D Cinemotion

Regarded as the first outdoor 6D Cinemotion in Asia, the place boasts of a 3D stereoscopic movie and 5D special effects seats, which allows the viewers to experience the happenings in the movie as real.

  • Oriental Village

It is an open shopping area with souvenir shops, clothes, retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, handicraft shops, galleries, spas, etc. Apart from the cable car ride, the Oriental village also has Elephant rides, ATV trails, Motor-Cross rides, and SEGWAY to help visitors go around the place comfortably.

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Important Facts

  • The Skycab remains closed from time to time due to inclement weather or maintenance. Therefore, it would be advisable to call before getting to the Oriental Village.
  • Although most rides are included with the Skycab ride ticket, visitors have to pay an entry fee for the Langkawi Skybridge.
  • For hiking enthusiasts, there are walking trails from the Base Station to the Middle Station and from the Middle Station to the Top Station.
  • There is a massive rush on public holidays or when a Cruise ship arrives at the port.
  • Visitors may ask for a free souvenir and a brochure at the ticket counter.

Now that you have all the details about the Langkawi Cable Car start packing and book your tickets on redBus to get there and make your trip a memorable one. To save big on bus travel, visit the redBus portal.